Simple tips to improve warehouse safety

Here are 10 ways to improve warehouse safety make your operation safer and a more efficient place to work for your staff and visitors.

  1. Keep the warehouse aisles clear at all times. Also keep floors free of debris and garbage. Redesign the warehouse layout to keep up with operational changes
  2. Certify your forklift operators every 3 years as per OSHA guidelines, but review safety in the interim as an ongoing practice to prevent forklift accidents.
  3. Inspect forklifts and their safety features and repair immediately when faults are discovered.
  4. Inspect often for rack damage and repair immediately on discovery.
  5. Keep docks clear of debris. Be sure delivery trucks use backup sensor systems to avoid collisions.
  6. Seek seasoned forklift operators that are interested in becoming forklift trainers and have them certified through forklift train the trainer programs. They will also become your safety watchdogs in the warehouse.
  7. Ensure all staff and pedestrians wear hard hats when in the warehouse. Also make sure forklift operators wear safety harnesses and seatbelts when on the job, and where necessary.
  8. Always be sure to keep work stations clean and free of clutter.
  9. Make sure all floors are swept and nothing restricts walkways.
  10. Productivity in a warehouse is important, but warehouse work is a highly demanding job. Set reasonable time requirements so that time pressures do not cause unsafe practices, or sloppy procedures that cause accidents or mishaps.
  11. Unguarded pinch points on conveyor equipment can lead to injuries. Some can be serious. Ensure your warehouse conveyors and related systems are inspected on a daily basis to ensure that proper maintenance and repairs are implemented.

Warehouse safety resources

Check out these useful warehouse safety resources that you can use to promote safety in your warehouse.