Overloaded forklift videosSee this compilation off-balanced and overloaded forklift videos

This overloaded forklift videos compilation runs over two and half minutes. The video contains a lot of off-balanced and overloaded forklifts. Funny, stupid, and sometimes scary.

  • Pallet jack operator gets catapulted through the air by overloaded hand pallet jackĀ 00:00 to 00:18
  • Too wide load in too narrow aisle takes out rack and causes massive collapse 00:18-00:31
  • Three guys bail on a counterbalanced fork truck when oversized load of strawberries takes truck and operator over. It almost flattens one of them on recoil 00:31-00:37
  • Reversing forklift unloading truck goes out of control then tea kettles forward and tosses operator 00:37-00:50
  • Propane-powered Toyota forklifts crash. One carries pallets. One carries tires. 00:51-01:18
  • Clark forklift lifts heavy flat panel, but flips forward due to overweight load. 01:18-01:30
  • Loaded Toyota forklift rams light pickup 01:30-01:43
  • Container forklift goes over hard on its side with load up high 01:43-02:26

Sourced from YouTube.com