A variety of forklift mishaps and accidents from 2017

The video above shows the following forklift mishaps and accidents:

00:00 to 00:13 Male and female workers unload a truck with a Raymond pallet jack and dump the load.

00:14 to 00:38 Container lift truck topples over dumping massive port container

00:39 to 00:55 A red Maniscopic telehandler flips over backward beside a busy road.

00:57 to 1:14 An unsecured three wheel forklift in a truck with its gate open flips off the back when the driver of the truck brakes.

1:15 to 1:31 A yellow Komatsu forklift dumps a stack of wrapped boxes on pallets as the driver tries to reaches for the top pallet.

1:31 to 1:49 A yellow Yale forklift truck carries a stack of empty pallets in a yard. The stack is unsteady and dumps off the forks ahead of the lift truck.

1:49 to 2:07 A forklift operator reaching to a third tier of rack to grab a pallet of garden supplies (looks like dir or mulch) drops the load.

2:08 – 2:19 A forklift in a yellow Yale forklift drops a load of palleted water bottles as it attempts to reach them.

2:20 – 2:47 A red Heli truck operator goes into a narrow space to grab a stack of blue plastic containers on a pallet and they dump onto the truck’s cage. Then he backs out.

2:48 – 3:06 A white Komatsu forklift dumps blue cardboard boxes into a dumpster and loses some off the top in the effort.

3:07 – 3:25 A yellow JCB forklift is stuck in the mud in a yard in the UK. He is helped out with a push from another forklift from behind.

3:26 – 3:46 A yellow propane lift truck knocks down a pallet of containers. They hit the ground and break and a white liquid gushes out. Blurry, low quality video.

3:47 – 4:05 Yale forklift reaches for a badly stacked set of empty pallets in on the third tier of racking in a warehouse. He can’t keep them on the forks and they come crashing down.

4:06 – 4:22 A white and red Nissan forklift unloading a flatbed truck causes the badly wrapped boxes of caulking to spill.

4:22 to 4:46 End promo material.