Check out these Top 10 Forklift Accidents – Yowza! These are truly a bunch of nasty forklift fails in our opinion.

Run time for this video is about 3:39 mm:ss

  1. Forklift brings down the ‘house – This guy wins taking down pretty much the whole warehouse.
  2. Forklift collapses shelves – This dude nicks the rack in a narrow aisle and it all comes down
  3. A whole bottle shower – More bottles go over on the cab of this forklift.
  4. More bottles breaking – See this guy lose a load of bottles – cases are stacked way too too high
  5. Unloading accident – Operator backs into a truck and missed and falls off the dock. (Hope he’s ok!)
  6. Bye bye beers – This guy shatters some beer bottles with his forklift.
  7. Unbalanced Forklift – This load is too heavy for the truck and operator
  8. Crash goes the forklift  – A electric lift truck side swipes a car leaving pushed out of a warehouse bay
  9. Forklift Evel Knevil – A rider goes to spin an electric pallet jack and loses control
  10. Forklift Drift – Lift truck goes over – BANG!

Hit play and watch the video compliation, then tell us which one was your favorite in the comments. More forklift accident compilations here