warehouse collapses after forklift collision

Forklift accident sets off domino style warehouse collapse

In this warehouse collapse video, posted originally with the headline “Oops” in November 2018, shows a forklift striking loaded racking in a warehouse. The accident results in a catastrophic warehouse collapse that destroys multiple aisles of food inventory loaded on racking.

The video runs 27 seconds.

  • 00:00 Starts as forklift runs backwards down a warehouse aisle. Two works in the foreground are standing close to the accident origin site.
  • 00:03 The forklift operator drives the forklift into the rack. The strike seems to be minimal, a mere nudge. However he hits an upright.
  • 00:04 Two warehouse workers (in yellow) react to the initial collapsing rack and try to escape. It appears that the worker to the right may have been struck by the debris. However, it is not known if any injuries were sustained.
warehouse workers flee and one is struck by collapsing racking in accident
Warehouse workers flee accident and one is apparently struck by collapsing racking in accident.
  • 00:04 – 00:07 The racking collapses and inventory comes crashing down flowing across the aisle. It pushes the forklift also across the aisle striking the racking on the other side.
  • 00:06 The forklift causes the rack on the other side to collapse to halfway down the aisle
  • A chain reaction occurs from the initial collapse all the rack all the way down the aisle collapses.
  • 00:17-00:27 The carnage continues and h rack that did not collapse on the right side now implodes and it spreads to the next aisle over and the all racks to the far right hand wall.
  • 00:27 The falling racking stops and the massive destruction is evident as the dust settles
  • No word on the condition of the driver, who stayed inside the forklift cage, or if workers (in yellow) suffered any injuries.

Sourced from YouTube.com